Access Statement

The hotel is situated on the Promenade that has a flat, paved pavement.  We have 141 ensuite bedrooms with eight bedrooms situated on the ground floor with step free access.  One of these rooms is suitable for wheelchair users, incorporating a wet room style shower with handrails fitted throughout, eg. Shower, sink & toilet.

Car Parking and Arrival: There is a large on site car park, parking approx 75 cars. The carpark is tarmac/concrete and slightly uneven in places. There is a low kerb at the main entrance of the hotel for drop off purposes. There are eight steps at the front of the hotel with handrails. The front doors are 900 mm wide and open inwards, the middle doors are 900 mm wide and open outwards. There is a disabled ramp entrance at the side of the hotel, situated on Woodfield Road. This door slides open electronically.

Main Entrance & Reception: Reception is on the ground floor and has level access throughout. The floor surface is tiled. The area is evenly and well lit with overhead lighting and wall lights.  Reception interactions can be conducted in one of the lounges if seating is required.

Bedrooms: Eight bedrooms are situated on the ground floor with step free access. The width of the doors is 700 mm. These rooms consist of either one double bed or two single beds. The bathrooms have showers, sink and toilet. One bedroom is designated as a disabled accessible room. The width of the door is 830 mm. This room consists of one double bed and one single bed. The bathroom in this room has a wet room style shower, wheelchair accessible, with a fitted fold down shower seat. The toilet and sink have handrails next to them. The bedroom is well lit with wooden flooring.

Public areas – Lounges: There are two cabaret lounges. Both are on the ground floor, but the Sunset Lounge is completely level with step free access. This lounge has freestanding armchairs and coffee tables. The Cabaret Lounge is level with the reception area upon entry, with four steps going down to the next level and a further five steps going to the final level. This lounge has a mixture of fitted bench seating; free standing chairs (without arms) and coffee tables.  Lighting is natural daylight and by night levels are controlled by dimmer switches, with overhead and wall lighting used also. The floor surface is short pile carpet with wooden dance floor areas in both rooms. Food and drink is served in both lounges.  Both rooms have toilets, with an accessible toilet situated next to the Sunset Lounge.

Public Areas – Hall, stairs & corridors: All landings, corridors & stairs are well lit with overhead lighting and wall lighting. The staircases have additional floor lighting. The flooring is short pile carpet. There are three lifts. One lift is level with the reception area.

Restaurant & Dining: There are two restaurants, the Connaught Restaurant and Washington Restaurant. The Connaught Restaurant is serviced by the lift in reception, and has level access throughout. The Washington Restaurant is on two levels, access via four steps from the Cabaret Lounge and a further four steps to reach the bottom level. The tables are free standing, the chairs, also free standing, and are upright, without arms. Both restaurants are both well lit with overhead & wall lighting, and are controlled by dimmer switches in the evening. The floors are carpet. We do our best to cater for any dietary requirements, please contact us in advance with any specific requests.  Both restaurants are table service for both breakfast and dinner, but guests may use the self-service buffet available in the Washington Restaurant.  Large print menus are available upon request.  Crockery is white, contrasting with the brown wooden tabletops.  Background music is played during mealtimes.

Public Toilets:Public toilets can be found on: the ground floor with level access from the main entrance, reception and Sunset Lounge. There are both male and female toilets, along with a unisex accessible toilet. The door to this toilet is 800mm wide and opens outwards. There are handrails either side of the toilet and a grab rail near to the sink. There are lever taps on the sink. The floor is non-slip and the area is well lit with overhead lighting. The other public toilets can be found in the Cabaret Lounge. All public WCs are well lit.